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One step at a time!

What an amazing start to Active Adventures! I have had so much fun at both Panda-Monium and Lawley Community Centre and can not wait to do future sessions.

So far we have done two sessions:

  • Session one focused on simple instructions and movements

  • Session two has focused on Slow and Fast movements

During both sessions all the children and adults joined in with all the planned activities. I personally enjoyed our Car challenge, using our flat cones as steering wheels we drove fast on the motor way, slow in the city and if we heard STOP we all had to freeze! All the children followed the instructions well and several carried the game on after we had finished the activity.

Next week session (Saturday 24th and Monday 26th September) will be all about Loud and Quiet. I'm expecting lots of energy during this session.

If you would like to book on just go to the booking page or to the Facebook page for up-to-date information.

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