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We're going on a Messy Adventure!

Join the Messy Adventure sessions this September 2022 term with Early Years Adventures at Panda-Monium Telford.

Sessions designed for children between 0-5 years old. Each session is a blended session of singing, instruments, messy play, physical activities and more… have a peek at the Facebook gallery to see what we get up to.

FREE entry into Panda-monium soft play also included with session.

When are sessions?

Sessions run weekly during term time:


10am- 0-5 years Adventures (mixed age session)

11am- 0-5 years Adventures (mixed age session)


10am- Baby Adventures (under 12months)

11am- 0-5 years Adventures (mixed age group)

How much is season?

Trial sessions are £3

Pay as you go- £6

4 session booking- £20 (£5 per session)

Siblings are £1 extra per session

How do I book?

Message the page to book on, all sessions must be pre-booked.

See you all soon on another Early Years Adventure

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