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weekly sessions

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Weekly sessions

Messy Adventure sessions:  0-5 Years Adventures sessions

A mixed age session for babies and children aged 0-5 years. Creating a relaxed environment using both new and familiar stories and rhymes for a fun and exciting sensory experience, great session for siblings and friends. Each session of 0-5 Years adventures will be adapted to cater for the abilities of children who attend. 

Active Adventures

Active Adventures is a session for children aged 18 Months – 5 Years. Active Adventures focuses on promoting physical activities in a relaxed and educational way. All session will have an Early Years focused approach and will be adapted to meet the varying levels and abilities of the children attending session.

The aim of Active Adventures is to promote and encourage the development of social skills, numeracy skills, problem solving, turn taking and most importantly creating enjoyment from being active. Sessions will include sports, physical activities, team games and more.


All sessions run by Damon who is a Graduate with Early Years Teacher Status and over 12 years experience of working with children. See the about us section for further information about Damon.​


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Panda-Monium Telford

Telford, TF4 3EE

What we do

Sessions with Early Years Adventures take a blended approach, we will be doing a variety of activities through out the session. The sessions will include singing, dancing, craft, messy play and structured activities. 

  • We start by coming together briefly to sing our hello song and warm up with familiar rhymes. 

  • We then go and explore the trays and equipment that has been specifically prepared for the children to engage with. There is ample time during this period for children and families to interact with each other. Damon will come around and encourage the children to interact with the equipment and explain possible learning outcomes and activities you may do at home. 

  • We then come back together for a circle time activity, instruments, puppets and end with a bubble machine finale  


Messy Events

These one off events are aimed at giving your little ones the opportunity to have fun and explore a wide range of messy trays including, slime, water play, Gelli bath and much more. 

If you have been to a session before you know it is a REALLY good idea to bring a towel, change of clothes and wipes.

This session is open to ages 0-5 Years, but to get the most out of the session I suggest your little one is sitting up unsupported.

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